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Join the Campaign


I believe solutions come from conversations.  I have learned in both my public and my private life that talking to one another is the only way to find a path through chaos; a path that will benefit everyone. The only way we can be successful in state legislation is to start those conversations and work together.  My experience in law enforcement makes me the candidate who can start those conversations.

As a Sheriff, I have committed my life to serving our community and protecting what is ours. Fairness and justice are what I stand for everyday. We need to make sure everyone has a fair shot at success. Your zip code should NEVER determine your opportunities in life.

We’ve had some politicians riding around Southern Colorado proclaiming to stand up for us, but then, when they get to Denver, they forget where they come. That won’t cut it. As former president of the County Sheriff’s of Colorado, I led the charge to take on Denver and defend our 2nd Amendment rights. I am not afraid of a fight, especially when it involves defending our way of life and making sure Southern Coloradans get a fair shake.

I know I am best suited to stand up for our values and bring some law and order to Denver.  I hope to earn your vote.